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Milan Private Tours, founded by Alice Salvagnin, is proud to have an excellent local team of local professionals, all of them officially licensed tour guides and all of them dedicated to providing the finest tours their great city has to offer. These friendly, knowledgeable guides will help you customize your tour according to your needs and interests, their goal being to make the time you spend in Milan as enjoyable, as illuminating, and as comfortable as humanly possible. The members of Milan Private Tours team are equipped to do this with far more than professional credentials: they share a passion for Milan’s art and history, a passion they are eager to pass on to visitors by introducing them to the city’s many architectural, aesthetic, and cultural delights.

They aspire to making your visit to Milan so wonderful that you will want to return again and again.


About Alice Salvagnin, the founder

Who better to open your eyes to the charms of a fascinating city than someone who is deeply in love with it?
As a high school student, Alice Salvagnin would tote her schoolbooks and a sandwich up the 250 steps to the roof of the Duomo, Milan’s renowned cathedral. There, she would spend hours doing her homework, the sun above and her city’s great sights all around her. What always struck her about the view was how many different periods the city had lived through and how distinct were the styles to which they had given birth. Her curiosity about these sights led her to study them; her affection for them inspired her to devote herself to making them known to others.
Alice holds degrees in Tourism and in the Management of Cultural Heritage, both at Milan universities, which allowed her to continue learning about her home town, to continue diving into the intricacies of its famous landmarks and exploring its forgotten corners. In many years as a licensed tour guide, she has deepened her knowledge while also making something of a name for herself: She has consistently received top Internet reviews, first as a representative of others’ tourist agencies, now as the principal of her own.
Milan, Alice believes, deserves a far better reputation among sightseers than it has. So many who come from abroad think of it as a place strictly for business, perhaps as no more than a transfer point. In part she blames the city for failing to highlight – or just plain hiding – its attractions. Even her fellow residents have asked her: “You’re a tour guide – in Milan? What do you show them?” Alice’s love of Milan has led her to seek out the wonders of a city that she now knows from top to bottom, that she knows inside-out. A good deal of what she shows her clients would likely come as a surprise to these incredulous locals.
And the enthusiasm with which she imparts her knowledge is certain to be a delight to all.


More about Alice

- Degree in Tourism (IULM, University of Milan, 2005)
- Specialized degree in Management of Cultural Heritage (Cattolica University of Milan, 2008) MTM, CHM, DM
- Official Tour Guide and Tour Leader license (2009) for Italian, English, and French
- Manager of relations with foreign customers in the art world for Poleschi Auction House
- Fluent speaker of English and French


Milan Private Tours, CREATING MEMORIES

Professional, friendly, knowledgeable tour guides will lead you through the most beautiful highlights and secrets spots of the city.

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